Sofia Stanley has only just turned 17 and is already making great strides in the music industry. With many years of songwriting and performing under her belt, Sofia Stanley has a promising future ahead of her.


Sofia isn't a newcomer to the music business as she was born into an Irish musical family, mother being well-known singer Lisa Stanley, grandparents being Irish legends Maisie McDaniel and top-rated accordionist Fintan Stanley, and many other family members with love for music. Sofia has been out travelling and experiencing shows from a young age.
Even though Sofia's musical discography may be small, she doesn't fall short when it comes to versatility. Her debut single "Angel", which she wrote about the loss of her grandmother Maisie McDaniel, is a slow-pop ballad, while her duet with Lisa Stanley in 2019 "Sweet Sweet Smile" is an old country song, sung originally by The Carpenters. Also, her upcoming singles and debut EP are influencing a variety of genres such as Pop, R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock and even a splash of country! Many different styles and sounds but all done in her own way.

Sofia has been featured in well-known magazines such as ZO Magazine (U.S.A.), Concert Monkey (Belgium), Hot Press Magazine (Ireland) and Buzz Music (U.S.A.), respectively. Sofias entire discography, which is only three songs, has amassed nearly 10,000 plays across all music platforms! Sofia has also recently started doing live streaming shows on Facebook and Instagram during the 2020 lockdown, and has had great success with it. With all of the videos combined, Sofia has accumulated just under 50,000 views!


Don't let her age fool you. Sofia is still only a student while working as a waitress in order to fund her music career, while also busking around locally and collaborating with fellow musicians and co-producers (as she produces 90% of her music herself using just her laptop, keyboard and voice memos!)


Sofia is currently studying at Europe's most acclaimed music school "BIMM Birmingham" and has been played on radio stations such as BBC Radio, Black Country Radio, Ocean FM in Ireland and countless more. 2020 is an exciting year for Sofia, an artist you should definitely watch out for!


On Spotify alone, Sofia has accumulated almost 6,000 organic streams with only 2 songs (without the help of playlists or any promotion). She is also already building a very supportive and loyal fanbase off the back of her original music and live streaming shows. All this at just the young age of 17!


Reviews about Sofia include:

"Amazing voice and great stage presence. Sign her, NOW!" - George Caceres, Producer

"In a matter of months, from one single to the next, one can hear the evolution in her sound and style. A rising star that is sure to make a lasting mark on the industry, and the world!"

- Kendra Beltran, ZO Magazine (Los Angeles, USA)

"County Sligo singer-songwriter Sofia Stanley has shared her brand new track "Why?", and it's as relatable as they come. The indie-pop anthem incorporates a wide variety of styles and sounds, fused in rock, electro-pop and soulful R&B." - Kate Brayden, Hot Press Magazine (Dublin, Ireland)

"The most recent release from this bubbly emerging artist carries enough charisma to carry a generation. The powerhouse vocals that Sofia Stanley fervently croons are like no other. The prevailing tenors you're exposed to have you falling under the deep spell that Sofia Stanley casts out. Wise beyond her years, Sofia Stanley is an artist to look out for as she climbs the ladder of success." - Buzz Music (Los Angeles, USA)